Please don’t look for me

Please don’t look for me
I am- tangled between
Past and possibilities
Of you and i
Suppressed, so please
Don’t remind me
Fate, quit it
Stop sending signs
I mess up the meanings
But yes- at least now i know
Stated oh so clear, precise
Stabbed my heart
Couple of times
For a while there
I became deaf from everyone else
As if a play was going on
And i wasn’t paying attention
My mind rushed to grasped
The words you have stipulated
Heart be still
You’re breaking the ribcage
I’ll have nothing to protect you with
Stop pulsating wildly
But i read it one more time
Let it sink in
My thick skull of stupidity
It was too damn simple
To leave you alone
Never bother you again
Alright twin love, farewell..

Hello Humanity


I painted my woes
Upon non feathered wings
Of this great big wave
No one can ever see
The wind responded with a howl
The mountains shook
Every branch with or without leaves
Clouds gathered,
Carried tremendous rain
Upon its shoulders
It gave way
To a million tears
Of arrested wishes
When their light ceased
To every greedy request
So they went with the clouds
Burden, trying to wash away
Hoping this change
Of atoms and molecules
Can soothe the sadness
Of everyone suffering
The rain poured down my  face
I tasted every cleansed sin
Purity at each drop
I can only soak in it
Coz my fingertips can never clutch
Mother Nature’s  love
Coz it was never about owning
Possessing isn’t loving
Living in this world
Decorated with crimson lies
The only truth is your own
So, you ponder upon ideas in your head
Broken vows and ideals
They said, protect and serve
Mainly who?
So come on then, rain
I can’t stop from thinking
Take away a lil’ madness
Coz my soul is dying
From everyone’s selected
Comfortable ignorance
Oh their arrogance
And the children are dying
As you read a line or two
Not doing anything
Coz the hole in the boat
Doesn’t directly affect you
Tell me, when was
Your intelligence tweaked to follow?
It’s difficult to handle the truth
Isn’t it?
When you’re part
Of the safe and cuddled zombies
Upon these sheets
Of clandestine white lies
Oh, humanity- where have you been?
When are you
Waking up?
Coz your perpetual sleep
Only disintegrates
Wreaking havoc to 99%
For which they gladly called
Us, the minority..

you scare me

you scare me
you’re everything that i oppose
all the things i fail to understand
yet claim to know
we’re on the different ends of a pole
i am passion
you stand with balance
i am madness
you are peace
i am a bunch of mess in pieces
while, you’re so damn organized
i am freedom
you are plagued with responsibility
you love the world
every bit of it
every living creature
odd and beautiful
connection is your plea
solitude, i am comfortable with
you are everything authentic
which makes you
all there is exquisite
as i am, mere copies
of things i believe in
you and i are a bad mix
i am the bad news
tattered in every paper
you are the single good
rare, more than a diamond
you are an emerald
so darling, yes you scare me
gentle as you are
caring, loving
never perfect
you don’t care to be
honey, you are your own
the ground you’re standing on
you built it
sexy, independent
it’s annoying
how unintentionally
you make me want for more..