black shades for a wedding


In sickness and in health
Words he doesn’t own
So tenderly spoken
His soft whispers in my ear
Warm breath on my cheeks
Is this a woven dream?

Then I saw Theresa at the corner
Eyes covered in dark shades
Hasn’t anyone told her?
Or has she forgotten?
Acting as if this wedding
An ending to what could’ve begun

I made the right choice
Evident by everyone’s smile
In this church, I am the happy bride
Nobody’s hurt, I convinced myself
Except, Theresa, who is broken
I can’t, so I’ll cast out my despair



The papers are signed
It’s official, we’re hitched
Transition is finally complete
She walked in- a happy bride
Now- but now she’s my wife
I am her husband, her whole life

Aren’t I the lucky one?
Obliged to be by her side
Forever and always to hold her hand
In sickness and in health
A duty I will never regret
I love her, always and forever

But there seems to be a tiny spark
A flicker of doubt in those eyes
Breathe, this is quite unsettling
How she’s looking at her, I can’t tell
She’s mine, Theresa, she chose me
She signed the papers, let us be



This is the end, at least mine only
The wedding’s over, I’ll just leave
I’ll slowly slip, better if unnoticed
Thanks to her invitation and a plea
Her happiness bequest a near perish
It’s time for the unannounced exit

But she’s coming over here
Treading back, walking towards me
I don’t have the strength, go back to him
Head the other way ‘cause I can’t
I don’t have a brave mask to wear
In black shades, everything is preserved

Escape, the memories pouring
That look, my system is bombarded
Knees trembling, heart to a collapse beating
Think, damn it! At least blink
She’s not your goddess, but someone else’s
And- she’s here, right in front of me

Now, say something…

 April 11, 2014