Please don’t look for me

Please don’t look for me
I am- tangled between
Past and possibilities
Of you and i
Suppressed, so please
Don’t remind me
Fate, quit it
Stop sending signs
I mess up the meanings
But yes- at least now i know
Stated oh so clear, precise
Stabbed my heart
Couple of times
For a while there
I became deaf from everyone else
As if a play was going on
And i wasn’t paying attention
My mind rushed to grasped
The words you have stipulated
Heart be still
You’re breaking the ribcage
I’ll have nothing to protect you with
Stop pulsating wildly
But i read it one more time
Let it sink in
My thick skull of stupidity
It was too damn simple
To leave you alone
Never bother you again
Alright twin love, farewell..

loving you

even the falling leaf
dances with the whisper of the wind
like how the stars
will always belong to the night
shining beautifully yet so tiny
and how the seas
are pulled by the tides
creating waves that ripple
all across the valley
loving you
how natural can it be
your heart beating
so softly, tenderly
though it will-
never hear me sing
you’ll always be
the magic in my melody
the spark in my bouts of laughter
the warm fire during winter
the happiness
in my saddest days..

The wind (unconditional love)

If every breeze was
Set out to touch
The contours
Of my sleeping face
Soothe the tears
On my cheek
I pray to God and
Hope the wind to take me
See the wonders
Those only birds had seen
A private sanctuary
Virgin forests
Luscious evergreens
Let me taste the water
Flowing upon
Its coldest streams
The clarity of my reflection
And everything underneath
If paradise existed
Please, let there be
Plenty of oases
And the tears I’d recognize
Would be this pouring rain you bring
The anger in me
Will be gathered as
The roaring thunder
Yelling at the amorphous
Save me!
‘Coz the tears I’ve cried
Too many times
It’s a weakness of mine
Then, the wind disappeared
I was stuck
In the middle of stillness
Air, there wasn’t any
I could not breathe
The wind turned back around
Kissed my cheek
I asked
How do you it
Content at being unseen
Love takes a lot of giving
We’ve been primed so much
For reciprocity