Into your liking (first part)

You shaped me into your liking
Never let me speak
Enclosed, kept in safety
And I became
What you wanted me to be
A non flourished beauty
But, nonetheless yours
Like a ragged sidewalk
That nobody chooses to fall
Why, when I suddenly emerge
You throw away the key
Encaged for your security
Then forces me to think
But, I’m afraid that you’ll see
Whatever you forged in me
Is different
From what you perceived
So I curl back to the corner
Putting back my blindfold
To restore your needed care
While us
Became a concept
Of one’s approval
I cannot be
What you have
Reflected from our society
Is this the love you were given
Then, please don’t love me
Let me be
My bones aren’t broken
Nothing’s wrong with me
Just your contorted vision
Of what should be
Your love, will be the death of me
As I sit here and ponder
The dark clouds gather together
Watch it as it springs life
Signaling a recumbent farewell
Good riddance
To you, former weakness
Trust, the lessons you taught
Will never be forgotten
I am no longer into your liking
I am my own.