No maverick

“This is my country. I don’t know whether to be proud or ashamed of it. But, we have to keep fighting.”
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The rain kept pouring down the tin roofs of meager houses
Drowned the perpetual noise of people uplifting petulance
Static sound that I can almost make a considerable silence
Juggling variables, finding out what works as a another failure
To be able to coincide with the necessity of frugal existence
What’s next to a family under a petit bourgeois government?
How can indolence be a conduit to a well talked about success?
Is it too much to ask a respite from this dogmatic patriarchy
Misogynists thinking they can show great clarity and discernment
Once I held up to your lucrative tendencies and philosophies
How everything became insipid with your ridiculous logic
Where are these wise men who perceived Mary as a virgin?
Do you expect us to follow or else face a grand retribution?
I don’t mean to question any belief system, I am no maverick
There is an invigilator, divine, loving and patiently watching
For how long? Our leaders filled with boastful incapacities
From government intellects down to every Filipino family
Lays a conniving persona non grata disguised in humility