sweet new perspective

for a dear friend. thank you

The heat no longer pierces my skin
Coz the rain had soaked my soul
Drenched every bone in my body
A revival of guitar strings
That once plucked my nights
Of lullabies upon windowsill
Recreated my birth
A toast to new beginnings!
A life of festivities
Is a nonexistent wind chime
Dangling from the entry door
You’d never hear its sound
Yet you feel the wind
Laced between your fingertips
In the presence of the heat
You’d cherish every caress
Like a lovely day in each morning
The birds may never sing
But in your soul
They’re chirping wildly
Good morning world!
Though the pages
Of my misery ain’t finished
I love yearning for the tears
As happiness becomes
An effortless reality
Hello love,
Sweet new perspective.

June 06, 2014