How can something so subtle

Yet can never be unfelt

Contagion, affecting one at time

Slow but delicately enduring

A billion cells and a bit of patience

It’s a bit too late for realizations

What once was a drizzle

Now a flooding outpour

Gradual, wondrous

Like how each note is played

On black and white keys

As if sonatas thoroughly

Confided with the melody

Notes gladly swayed rhythmically

Simple, majestic, elegant

You’ve forgotten how intricate

The piece was- while making

Blown away yet grounded

Taken to another place

However still quite attentive

Unnoticed, because it was

Like the motion of dualities

Upon opposite trajectories

Finally finding synchronicity

Like how the blades of leaves

Gently brush your fingertips

Oh how it calms our being

As if a mighty river hushed

Upon the entrance of a still lake

Like a ship on rough seas

Sailing to seduce the waves

To a calmer surrender

The smell of luscious aroma

Filling your nose

Soothing your head

As if the sun had finally risen

Taking its rightful place in the sky

Ebbing through the tides of the ocean

Glimmering in a picture perfect sunset

A war of colors

A painter’s paradise

An awaiting canvass

A timer signaling

The mellow draw of night

Stars blazing reduced to glimpses

Sparkling sprinkled dust

Oh such beauty

Set in timeless perpetual motion

Entwined in a graceful dance

Of the rising and falling

Oh dearest,

Tender as you may seem

Vulnerable yet beaconing

So subtle

Yet can never be unfelt

Is this

Tranquility at its finest..

By: Audrine Max
Dec. 12, 2015

Please don’t look for me

Please don’t look for me
I am- tangled between
Past and possibilities
Of you and i
Suppressed, so please
Don’t remind me
Fate, quit it
Stop sending signs
I mess up the meanings
But yes- at least now i know
Stated oh so clear, precise
Stabbed my heart
Couple of times
For a while there
I became deaf from everyone else
As if a play was going on
And i wasn’t paying attention
My mind rushed to grasped
The words you have stipulated
Heart be still
You’re breaking the ribcage
I’ll have nothing to protect you with
Stop pulsating wildly
But i read it one more time
Let it sink in
My thick skull of stupidity
It was too damn simple
To leave you alone
Never bother you again
Alright twin love, farewell..

Dear ex

Dear ex
You locked up my room
My bed, my heart
My dreams
How am i supposed to sleep

I hated the fact
That you are only my lesson
As i am only
Your station
But never your destination

Us is just
A big wishful thinking
Coz i am
The only one
Who can never have you

Dear ex
Get out of my head
Clarity i can’t see
My chest is empty

Dear ex,
I know you’ve seen it
Watching you sometime
And i cannot continue
My words had become
Dreary, dry, insipid

Please bring back-
Your old friend’s lost heart..