What have we done?


Oh world what have we done?
We keep on feeding the greedy
Senseless fights we have
People need to be educated
Of what’s happening around em
28 pages we missed
Coz they said it was classified
28 pages that tell you
What really happened to 9/11
Speaks the truth about middle east
Why such information need to be hidden

Wars emerge, soldiers think
It is the right thing
You give them this
False sense of heroism
Leaders lying to our faces
In search for endless necessity for money
A paper that should’ve meant
I owe u something
Not define our social standing
Creating a separation
Amongst its people

The six corporations
control what we see on tv
The news are filtered
They dictate a one sided story
Stirring fear in every citizen
So, we’d think we are the incapable
A conditioning to conceive victim’s mind-set
So we’d think we need the gov’t to save us
Painting a gruesome world
Where being soft is defined as weak
Where hate should be answered with hate
But it is love that heals hate

Not mention the the great Big Pharma
Ruling over our medicines
Instead of healing patients
They keep creating customers!

And of course, Monsanto
Food is what they deprive
If GMO is their answer
Eliminating the hungry
Why the hell
Children are still starving
Suffering, dying from malnutrition
We are not as retarded as u think
You modify our foods
Patent every seeds
Coz your damn motto
Control the food, control the world
Artificial sugar you put
To elevate our moods
Then followed by depression
And you tell me, she’s bipolar
He’s psychotic
Diseases you give rise to
Coz we stopped eating foods
Rather food like products
A cheap poison we willfully ingest
So, we knock on big pharma
Desperately seeking for cure
A deadly cycle of consumerism
We keep repeating

And look at our generation
Everyone’s running around
As if on a rat race
They let us think
We should be thankful for our jobs
But it is us that make them rich
They should be thanking us
8 hours a day, 5 hours a week
Just to play the role
Of society’s doormat

What we need is be educated
Dare to question everything
This endless selfishness
Easily offended by posts, literatures
That oppose that standardized beliefs
Angry coz his god differ from yours
Or his life is not governed by a holy book
Everyone’s taking offense
On stuff that doesn’t matter
That boils down to everyone’s selfishness
Coz thinking that they are always right
Is a subject gratifying the ego
We need to eradicate
This self-centeredness

Oh darling, open your eyes
Do i need to spell this out to you
this is the matrix i speak of
This is what’s happening
We all need everyone’s help
Realize that power lies in us
For we are, boundless, infinite beings
Never let anyone tell you otherwise
Never too late to change..

Alone, not lonely


Go forth and procreate. Who isn’t familiar with this verse? No one is ignorant and I believe no one on earth will tell you he hadn’t heard of it. If I hadn’t known any better, I would have thought Barney from “How I Met Your Mother” constructed the very idea and forged it in their Bro Code Book. Doesn’t this sound more of a male excuse to keep them warm from another cold unbearable night or more of a religious propaganda and see who has the largest number of followers? Whatever it is, one of the impact of this verse is inscribed an influence giving rise to the connotation that being alone is a huge stigma in our society. It had established fears of not being accepted and not belonging to anyone. Most of the time, the fear itself becomes their drive to run around and desperately grab hold onto someone. This is actually where people manipulate love to counter the  believed effects of being alone. We were led to believe that alone equals to lonely. If you are lonely, do something about it. You don’t have to toy with other people’s emotions in order to make you feel at ease. Deal with it.

We perceive that being alone is a horrifying thought. They have successfully instilled shame with the word. People stare as if something must be incredibly wrong with you. Assume that you are incapable of human relation. Just look at Erikson’s Psychosocial Stages: Intimacy versus Isolation, “Success leads to strong relationships, while failure results in loneliness and isolation.” If you are alone, you are associated not only with isolation but being a failure, strong words for which our ego can barely take.  No wonder nobody wants to be identified as alone. The word seems to be so haunting.

However, I disagree. If you are alone, embrace it. It is a gift, live free. Taste every solitary moment with freedom. Ponder, explore your own thoughts. Open those secure pessimistic doors that riddled your existence and threw you off balance. We are given the opportunity to create something amazing. Do something that has the potential to change lives or rebuild perceptions. I don’t think Erikson would have had come up with the Psychosocial Stages if he wasn’t left alone by his comrades. Instead of seeing yourself in the eyes of others, why not capture your intricacies in your own mind? Learn more about yourself and not be defined by others. When we are alone, we are at our optimal predisposition, would you agree?