They say
Darkness encapsulated
The very essence i breathe
Like how a child is kept
In a mother’s womb for survival
It never hit them that-
I am being reborn
Almost drifting
Reaching the surface
An oasis of changes
Cracking open
The civilized conformity
Cemented on
Caterpillar of angst
I’ll bloom before your eyes
Like a flower
Thriving wildly in the spring

Oh yes, i’m lost
Between tunnels of my unseen mind
Though psychosis is
Still blinded by
My firm grasp on reality
I tamper this mask of comfort
For the fantasies to take me away
Conquer the great loss
A depression i have succumbed into
Mystified in this abundance
Of pillars crumbling back
Down to earth
Rebuilding a new world
Abhor the unoriginal thought
Devoid of death
It will never come
Coz i am an energy
I once was created
By the aboriginal books of the ancient
But i believe
What physics had stated at the latter part
I can never be destroyed
My soul floats on this
Experience called humanity

As Earth mandated a rule
Of temporary existence
It’s beautiful
This thing we barely understand
A gift to perpetuate love
And only love
Isn’t it tremendous
To be walking on bare feet
Connecting the only forces that mattered
A never ending cycle
Of dark and light
Ain’t nothing wrong if
I get lost for a lil’ while

Define the emotion
That has been written
And you summoned
Every part of your intellect to understand
We can never arrive
At the same point of conclusion
Coz our journeys
Were never meant to be the same
You have yours
I have mine
But while we are here
Let’s get drunk
In this revolutionized magnificence
Simply put as- LIFE
How dare we,
Choose nothingness
Coz we’re too afraid
To acknowledge
And be eaten by our own darkness
Shouldn’t we be more afraid?
Petrified of threading
A safe passionless flight..


i am madness seeking light
a warrior burning in oblivion
through the pages of eternity
i cannot be defeated
i am the one true purpose
the stronger i become
the more unconditional i manifest
i am never weak
though i will always have a soft spot
i am here to set you on fire
i am here to be shared
i am for everyone
i am- love
at the highest attainment
of conscious awareness
i am prosperous
i will never judge
i am humble
for i am you, you are me
a revolution towards equality
a movement for singularity
a march to propel peace
i am the unstoppable law
the tears of the oppressed
the emptiness in grieving
the anger due to betrayal
jealousy and selfishness
the empathy and understanding
like you, i too
take many forms
assuming all the broken pieces
taking responsibility
of the shattering noises
these are only changes
a challenge to see
how i can completely lose
and quickly get back
to my one true self
i have to learn, grow, evolve
i am love
i should be in you
as you are to be me
i am the blood of your spirit
in my absence,
your reasons are full of apathy
your actions become dull
a mind numbing routine
continue living without me
say hello to being undefined
stop, instead be with me
let’s bring back the color to this world
how can you not adore
the redness of a child’s cheeks on a cold morning
can you not feel me rushing to your face
as you give a stranger a smile
how can you not be thankful
for the helping hand when you were falling down
do not deny me
you and i
we are destined for greatness
now can you hear me
humming, murmuring
thumping, drumming
pounding loudly, lively
perforating the silence of hatred
this heart of fire
burning inside
let me out!
i dare you
and i’d mumble close to your ears
right before you sleep
“i love you. this life is worthwhile.”