Kitchen Sink

When light is your enemy,  darkness is your safety.
(Image courtesy of Chin S.)

(Image courtesy of Chin S.)

I could hear the clock ticking with droplets of water over my shoulder. There was no other sound but that dreadful rhythm. Yes, it was yet another starless sky as I complacently perched in the corner, knees tucked to my chest clinging to some sort of safety. The lights were out again, but this time the dark offered security. I could hear the dribbling water getting faster and faster until, suddenly it stopped. It was replaced by heavy footsteps, feet almost being dragged against the floor. I tried not to scream. I should remain passive and quiet.
“I know you’re here, somewhere.” the man exclaimed with a grunt.
I held my breath and slowly, carefully crawled under the dining table. It wasn’t a smart move, I know, but it was part of my escape plan. Through darkness I crossed the unchartered path, my hands as my guide.
“Where’s my damn flashlight?” said the man. He frantically fumbled through the kitchen cabinets. The utensils were clashing, spoons and forks clanking. He grabbed the top drawer and sighed contentedly with a laugh. I watched him turn it on. Light emanated, stuck onto his face. His eyes were huge and predatory, his brows furrowed for an incoming mischief.
“Come out, come out wherever you are.” he teased. The man bent his back and looked under the table.
Panicked and alarmed, I darted out like a little rat scrambling away. I was his prey. It was written conspicuously on his face. He gave me a half smile.
“Where do you think you’re going?”
“Leave me alone! Please.” I yelled and tumbled to the stairs up. I missed the first step and hit my knees. I tried to stand, but I couldn’t. He was getting closer, nearer. His half smile turned into a wide grin. I couldn’t hear anything except the loud thumping in my chest. I pushed myself up, but it was a failed effort.
“Please.” I whimpered. His flashlight was wavering on my face.
Suddenly, the bulbs flickered, gleamed, flared through the whole room.
“Thank God, electricity’s back.” He said in relief.
With the lights on, I lose my disguise. This was it. He viciously took me by the arm, yanked me out of the stairs, and planted me by the kitchen sink.
“Do you really think you’d escape me that easily?”
“No, no, no.” I panted.
“Wash the dishes young lady.” He pointed to the wheel of chores on the fridge. “Today is your day.”
“Okay, dad.” I sluggishly replied. Psycho.

satan’s sentiments

satanImage courtesy of Chin S.

dear God, what were you thinking?
population explosion, seriously?
did you preach fuck as many?
now we have to work double shifts
in order to keep up with those kids
i paid for pamphlets and pills
arranged wholesome videos
for family planning

dear God, Santa- what did you give him?
rheumatoid arthritis?
that isn’t funny!
half of the time, i was the one
who sorted out
the nice from the naughty

dear God, abortion, really?
that’s just twisted
those babies wake me up
three AM daily!
they terrified me
tormented my sleep
how was i to know?
Chinese milk had melanin
boughtem in bulks
for it was cheap

dear God, you killed the party people
liver cirrhosis, HIV, and
a hell lot of new diseases
i put “H 500 meters ahead” for effect
i paid extra for it
do not give that lame excuse
you have misinterpreted it
too many times before
too many times after that

dear God, every ungodly creature
are now at my doorstep
they thought i created them
they‘re calling me father for Pete’s sake!
i do not offer free food and lodging
i am not known for my altruistic potential
i do not own an adoption agency
plus, do you realize how weird it is
that a glittered vampire
watches me every single time i sleep!

laslty, why did you send hitler here?
he was a drinking buddy
yes, was, for he is
a backstabbing bitch
he had been wanting my throne
started a Coup d’état
not everyone agreed so he-
killed half of my employees
raised their armpits as i walked
bought deo’s for ‘em all

dear God, i quit
even without two weeks’ notice
consider this my resignation letter
i‘m over worked, stressed, and fatigued
less compensated at your will
do not beg me to stay
do not tease me
as being your whiz kid
that’s it, i need a vacation
PS i can afford it!