Elegance called life

Grace and emotion on awakening

Interpretation of joy and sorrow

Drinking upon the glass of chaste life

When the stream stopped flowing

Fountains and blinking lights

Can’t keep up, running, running

Running ahead

Darkness disappears at each step

Breathe, catching hopes

Up on trees and fireflies

Wings won’t identify the beauty

Of a man like puppets and strings

Run, walk, rest

Is this the cycle of living?

Arms and chest filled with sweat

Inhaling from the depths

Heart and mind stopped contradicting

Moving forward in this

Elegance called life

Erase Judas’ will of

Swinging from the ceiling

Rise up from the demons

That kept you drowning

Breathe, ascend, and feel

Life surging through your veins

Clarity and peace

A clear astounding reveal!

Emotion in every fiber of living

The passion to touch

Another human being

Quivering at a subtle peak of this summit

Breathing deeply, fully satisfied

Surrender to this

Elegance called life

June 08, 2014