Stars (My hopeful ego)

I could never live without the stars
I am a victim lying under, staring above
The opposite of pivotal existence
I do not own the world or the vast empty space
The planets don’t revolve around me
I am but a tiny speck, not even a glint
I fade with the earth’s enormous ocean

I am a false believer that rain rids our sins
If so, who cleanses the souls in the deserts?
A lifetime of memories I stopped collecting
In the absence of a stronger armor
But I am no warrior
There are spears that tear down my shield
I am not what you know of me
Even if you listened to my words
I cannot be a portrait of what you believe

Judge me; I’m glad I do not own your lips
Tell everyone what I’ve done
Be sure to perfect all the twists
No one knows me but me
I do not solicit in the views
On this window of Johari
I am a dust
Against the constant cries of insanity
I cannot offer you clues to my mind
A bind of privacy someone forgot to legalize

The only truth I can give you
I am dead without the stars
That fading twinkling glimpse of hope
Without it-
Tragedy comes without scars
It is no better than
Death for the hopes of everyone

Monday, May 12, 2014