Hello Humanity


I painted my woes
Upon non feathered wings
Of this great big wave
No one can ever see
The wind responded with a howl
The mountains shook
Every branch with or without leaves
Clouds gathered,
Carried tremendous rain
Upon its shoulders
It gave way
To a million tears
Of arrested wishes
When their light ceased
To every greedy request
So they went with the clouds
Burden, trying to wash away
Hoping this change
Of atoms and molecules
Can soothe the sadness
Of everyone suffering
The rain poured down my  face
I tasted every cleansed sin
Purity at each drop
I can only soak in it
Coz my fingertips can never clutch
Mother Nature’s  love
Coz it was never about owning
Possessing isn’t loving
Living in this world
Decorated with crimson lies
The only truth is your own
So, you ponder upon ideas in your head
Broken vows and ideals
They said, protect and serve
Mainly who?
So come on then, rain
I can’t stop from thinking
Take away a lil’ madness
Coz my soul is dying
From everyone’s selected
Comfortable ignorance
Oh their arrogance
And the children are dying
As you read a line or two
Not doing anything
Coz the hole in the boat
Doesn’t directly affect you
Tell me, when was
Your intelligence tweaked to follow?
It’s difficult to handle the truth
Isn’t it?
When you’re part
Of the safe and cuddled zombies
Upon these sheets
Of clandestine white lies
Oh, humanity- where have you been?
When are you
Waking up?
Coz your perpetual sleep
Only disintegrates
Wreaking havoc to 99%
For which they gladly called
Us, the minority..

No maverick

“This is my country. I don’t know whether to be proud or ashamed of it. But, we have to keep fighting.”
IMG_20140506_085051 (1)

The rain kept pouring down the tin roofs of meager houses
Drowned the perpetual noise of people uplifting petulance
Static sound that I can almost make a considerable silence
Juggling variables, finding out what works as a another failure
To be able to coincide with the necessity of frugal existence
What’s next to a family under a petit bourgeois government?
How can indolence be a conduit to a well talked about success?
Is it too much to ask a respite from this dogmatic patriarchy
Misogynists thinking they can show great clarity and discernment
Once I held up to your lucrative tendencies and philosophies
How everything became insipid with your ridiculous logic
Where are these wise men who perceived Mary as a virgin?
Do you expect us to follow or else face a grand retribution?
I don’t mean to question any belief system, I am no maverick
There is an invigilator, divine, loving and patiently watching
For how long? Our leaders filled with boastful incapacities
From government intellects down to every Filipino family
Lays a conniving persona non grata disguised in humility