The wind (unconditional love)

If every breeze was
Set out to touch
The contours
Of my sleeping face
Soothe the tears
On my cheek
I pray to God and
Hope the wind to take me
See the wonders
Those only birds had seen
A private sanctuary
Virgin forests
Luscious evergreens
Let me taste the water
Flowing upon
Its coldest streams
The clarity of my reflection
And everything underneath
If paradise existed
Please, let there be
Plenty of oases
And the tears I’d recognize
Would be this pouring rain you bring
The anger in me
Will be gathered as
The roaring thunder
Yelling at the amorphous
Save me!
‘Coz the tears I’ve cried
Too many times
It’s a weakness of mine
Then, the wind disappeared
I was stuck
In the middle of stillness
Air, there wasn’t any
I could not breathe
The wind turned back around
Kissed my cheek
I asked
How do you it
Content at being unseen
Love takes a lot of giving
We’ve been primed so much
For reciprocity

a heart like yours

in the vow of secrecy
there is a technical
obvious mishap
causing a spill of honesty
weakness sinking
in grains of lose sand
drowning in the fear
of nonacceptance
forever a misfit
a square peg against
your well rounded heart
though i seek the love
i want to feel
a guarded thumping
is mostly revealed
I’ve seen who you are
introduced me to your soul
but never your heart
it could either be
time says not yet
or i’m not the one
your heart longs to beat
either way,
there is the inevitable blow
but risks are minimal
tiny test compared
if i achieved
a heart like yours
gracefully preserved
in an undying
goodness and bliss.

I am

Fear, taking hold of its tactics
yet I ask the accompanying failures
Of what I’ve done
Or did not do
Decisions based on careful
Considerations, fear at
Primal certainty
Upholds every belief
Forgetting what dhould be
the sweat on my forehead
the pounding in my chest
Not because of love
But fear itself
the unmasked fatality
of oblivious encounters
planned to settle unto
the next lowest form of comfort
ease up the anxiety
escape this world of
decreasing maturity
fear, untangle for prosperity
deeply, i breathe in
soothing, it never seemed to be
oh fear, why am i so afraid
come out from your hiding
let’s settle this, you and i
i look straight to your eyes
there i saw, hidden imperfections
countless obviously
ashamed and proud to admit
my pen of proverbial controversy
spilling out my sins and weakness
i love her, i hate mankind
i am angry, i am negative
releasing what i no longer need
fear, i peel you slowly
for i am building a new me
i am love, i am joy, happiness
i am peace, compassion
and kindness
yes, i am a champion
i am weird
you don’t have to remind me
I am
everything good i strive to be
i’ll keep on growing
growing like a strong sturdy tree
for i am life
i am my own mistakes
and I
had never been

July 07, 2014