Born and raised in the Philippines, where the winds used to howl from the Pacific. Yes, used to, solid proof that everything’s subject to change.

I took up Nursing as a profession, but practice writing more often.

typewriter-111407_1280(Image by / http://pixabay.com)

I enjoy poetry, a lot, love making ‘em, too. I, also, write anything about life. Plus, throw in some short stories. So, if you’re interested reading about those things, you’ve come to the right place. I post twice a week, every Monday and Saturday. Be sure to follow my blog.


earth-216833_640(Image by geralt/http://pixabay.com)

This is my fiction, my make-believe world. The map I use to track humanity. If you dare to come in or just have a little peek inside, then by all means- welcome, to my preconceived reality.

11 thoughts on “About

  1. A very good writer 😄 maybe reading books/blog is my last choice still I appreciate it, GALING MO MAGSULAT! PROMISE 😄


  2. Thank you po, I enjoy your writing and thank you for sharing, there is an honesty and crispness in what you write, you have insight …I’m looking forward to more.


  3. Impressive!
    Expect my comment in every post. Haha!
    Proud friend here!

    PS. How about my suggestion? Aren’t you gonna use a hyperlinks for those “not so familiar to me” words? hahah!


  4. One of my English students liked your work so much they plagiarized it and submitted it as their own. I am very ashamed and the student should be, too. However, it brought me into contact with your work, and for that I am glad. “Pablo and the Cockroach” is an amazing poem; I wish you wider recognition and much success. Please keep writing.


    • Thank you so much, Mr. Kaga.. I deeply appreciate your words.. Haven’t been writing these past couple months.. Things really do happen for a reason.. Guess this is the universe telling me to keep on penning.. Thank you..


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