To the old men
Who are in the business of war
Leave the younger generations be
Let us,
Experience earth
In freedom and bliss
Our lives aren’t for foreplay
To satisfy your greed
We weren’t born
in order to be
cashed in for receipts
Our lives matter
than being mere pawns
for your games of control
and power
of course, we aren’t
pieces of your playthings
we are aware of gaslighting
war isn’t normal
no war has attained peace
are we trying to justify safety
being established thru fear
or deplete others
of thier finite resources
what is patriotism?
but an illusion instilled

call it insanity
as it appears
the ones who refuse
are the coward misfits of society
I’d say-
we are the intricate glitch
in this carefully stitched matrix
we know your tactics
we refuse to participate..


I am the very idea of the universe
Carefully crafted in a single space
In a specific origin
Occurring in the past, present, and future
Upon a simultaneous collision of time 

I am the beauty
Which embodies greatness
Created by the vastness and eternal energy
The excitement and intensity
Of a single atom that of which proliferates 

I am the words unexplained
The mystery which ridiculed
All of the wise men’s complaints
The beginning and the end
The countless lives I have freelanced
Only to realize
Fear cannot be thy stirring wheel 

I am the insurmountable being
In which my very core
Love is freeing
The highest frequency one can attain
And yes, it was the darkness
That led the way 

I am consciousness evolving
Seek the light
But it had always been within
Yes, it is such a huge step
From knowing to being
But it’s a journey of learning
An intricate process
A solemn conversation
Between intuition and synchronicities 

I am a living breathing organism
A higher being of divine entity
I am the universe locked in me
A personification of the infinite
I am boundless, limitless
And yet- I am no separate from my brethren 

As you and I are the same
We are made of same atoms
Only different structures
Chaos and stillness
In a perpetual eloquent dance
To become one energy
One force
A dynamism of one etiology
A marvel so profound
Our scientific logic can never process 

We are majesty and prominence
Unique and equal in all angles
So please,
I urge you to remember
Destroy those high up walls
Deprecating beliefs
Splendor you’ve been hiding
Because it seems you have forgotten
Your soul is- magnificence 

Can’t you see?
Can’t you see?
The ups and downs
In one vivid tapestry
Take off the veil
There is no use containing
Such light is astounding..

 by audrine max
Thursday, May 26, 2016

Arrested sovereignty

Drowning in the depths
Of a shallow crowd
Arising empty
Perpetuating a revolt
Against solidarity
Like rediscovering
Different faces of madness
With same old stories
Depressing, it surely is
Like unceasingly cracking
That precious, precious jar
Of your own authenticity
Resulting in a sordid arrest
Of a free sovereign mind
So I guess I’d rather
Wake up with the mountains
Where wisdom never sleeps
And sip coffee while listening
To the birds
Singing with the breeze..