Teach me

Unveil the beast
Beyond these sheets
That witnessed every euphoric succumb
Insatiably powerful
Roaring desires running wild
To a peaceful embark

Teach me
How the tides are pulled back
Just so the moon
Can get a bit closer to earth
As it continues a cycle
Either bound to ravage
Or offer an appeasement

Teach me
How a mother hears
The silent weeps of her children
Amongst a thousand voices
All screaming to be heard

Teach me
About the grey areas
The energies in between forces
How do you grasp
What has never been defined
Only the absolute ends of the pole
When you are
Right there in the middle
Observing how
The opposites come into terms

Teach me
What it’s like
Being on a heroic verge of a hanger cliff
Climaxing each moment towards perfection
Unravel my greatest yearnings
Rupture the last strands of chastity
Explosions way beyond
The contours of this timid mind
Rattle my sense of being
Let the heat burn down
Walls of ice
In this tug of war
I can only see
Shattered innocence
Coz the ground is
No longer safe
Earthquakes ruled the nights
And there was nothing
But unrelenting waves of the ocean by day

Teach me
How to let go
Of these ideas misconstrued
Structured to build
Theoretical labels of who i am
When potential had been
Dictated by self imposed great men
Allowing the self to be trapped
In their idea of what you are
But you insist on erasing their words
Which is the greatest soar of the fallen
How failure crashed your ego
But never your spirit

Teach me
To confiscate all earthly ideologies
Coz by then,
I am blinded and lost
Touching the unknown
At such point
Will i ever know
A deeper meaning to this
Sense of self

Teach me
To dance with the footsteps of the rain
Go with the flow
With every damaging downfall
To a beautiful ascend
Guide me
To the secrets hiding behind
The deepest intent for love and survival
Rudimentary necessities
Love shall thrive
The pertinent lesson
In each and every lifetime..