The Wolf


I can not listen to the preacher
No more
He said my soul
Will be annihilated
Unto this unholy fire
I walk between white sheep’s
Arrested in this arbitrary
Path of salvation

He called me a black sheep
In deep need of tending
Oh hell, he must have been misled
By every mask i wear
I am the wolf
Dancing between right and wrong
Gently knowing
I can no longer abide
Finally found my wild

My heart beats furious
Resting among the teeth
Of centripetal passion
Forgotten in this untamed feeling
Discovering grotesque beauty
In an asphalt of lies
Beautifully woven
Gladly served to any fool
Ready to believe
A whole damnation of mockery

I am a wolf
That can devour any sheep
I am not a follower
I am the philosophy
That died and renewed
I speak my own truth
Coz compliance
Had become mandatory
Reconciliation of flaws
Attained over and over

I am sick being bound to rules
I seek my own
I will be delivered
Walk the path that no sheep had taken
Reaching the very point of existence
Loving every insignificance
For i am nothing
But the extension of a mind
Questioning yet still connected
To what Tesla spoke of
As the creative source
An infinite energy
That continues
With fibonacci sequence
I will never end
Rather rose upon the stars
And be one again with the universe
No longer searching
Ending in this
Perpetual union with the whole
For this is my truth
No one’s begging for understanding..


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