Unfuck the world


Jeez! Craving for a damn good conversation about unorthodox ideas and distinct dichotomous perspectives in one’s life.. Or read an intriguing book that will open up worlds with an entirely peculiar way of how life should be.. Or watch people wear their passions proudly.. Observe how ever day they bloom in beauty.. Or going through an article that stimulates the mind and unapologetically bursts your contained bubbles of vivid emotions.. Or maybe, just a soothing music that awakens your sleeping soul, silently trapped amongst the madness to all there is mundane in our mainstream world.. It must be so liberal to feel alive.. Intense would not simply put it.. To feel emancipated from the dogma of society must be too intimidating.. That most of us, these days, just talk about themselves narcissistically and gossip.. Damn, let’s UNFUCK THE WORLD..


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