Do what you love


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Coz what is there left to do?. We’ve been chasing down oceans and oceans of responsibilities until the waves crash our bones, suffocate our whole being.. All it did is drown us in misery.. So, do what you love coz there is no more beautiful art than your own life.. Let your passion exhaust you.. At the end of the day, you’ll be replenished the moment you catch a glimpse of your own masterpiece.. So, live for what you love doing.. Even though many would never understand what makes your soul come alive.. It’s highly irrelevant to rely on somebody else’s reality.. You make your own..


4 thoughts on “Do what you love

  1. Good advice Audrine. I was fortunate to find my passion in life at an early age – writing! Later I added a second passion – my spiritual path, and when I combined the two, my heart and soul were singing! What’s your passion Audrine?


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