Familiar fire


Image by kit

It wasn’t the darkness that made me blind
A reassured conviction of the falsely trapped
Another paradox that never really clarified
The fine line between death and rebirth; oblivion and consciousness
Never recovering from the confusion
Scarcity of lucidity and loss of ones light
But you’ve shown me one of the many dichotomies of life
Coz it was in the dark when I felt your touch
A meeting which reminded me of a thousand years
Babe, it was never clear
But you had always felt familiar
Remembering how your fingertips ignited a profound fire within
Like a slow burning anticipation of desire
In the darkness you have concealed and showed everything
I may be writing this from a distant memory
Many lifetimes you and I might have shared before
Still, something tells me, a nagging feeling
From the moment my eyes met yours
I felt every fiber of my heart
Bringing forth fabric of beats in detailed symphonies
Stirring old centuries,
Awakening a millennia of great joy and happiness
Pulsating wildly and contained in that single fraction of time
I saw the beauty you’ve never shown
Like a lovely bonfire perfectly set on this calm peaceful lake
Even the moonlight failed to outshine you
The shadows, the coldness of the world
It only commemorated your warmth

And, no, my mind can never be sure
It couldn’t grasp the suspicions that raged my soul
Explanations, it can never find
But- Darlin’ I know,
I was always yours, and you were mine after all..


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