the river refused to meet
the incoming ocean
creating a separation
fishes never tasted salt
drought haunted the valley
dreams to recuperate
fix the ones who are broken
adieu faultless sins
crimson as it appeared
another bottle of rum thrown
against the purest of waters
blending an elixir
letting go of fear
mirrors and reflections
recognize me
do you know who i am
the one you had given-
a light beautiful in darkness
fading flames brought winter
to a soul in despair
the click from a gun
turned the noise into silence
blood poisoned the innocence
rain poured, thunder roared
the moon cannot resign
as a witness to such
idiopathic ending
the mighty ocean stormed
as the wind carried him with ease
diluting the tears of the lifeless
the waves took away
cleansing the tainted river
claiming what was
once forbidden
is now meaningless
grab hold unto me
the breeze had whispered
i’ll carry your burden
drown the impeccable crimes
of a bird who cannot fly..


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