simply Alice

i am attached to the memories in my mind.. and like the patient mighty trees shed their own greens.. i’m gonna let gravity and wind take each and every piece..

loving linguistically and logically doesn’t make any sense.. and my words lost their thread.. the string that connects them disappeared.. i began to falter on my feet..

insanity sunk like vivid dreams and i am simply Alice in purplish and livid defeat.. i am trapped in the musings of my mind.. inspirations i do not even desire.. the more i think, the more contradictory everything seems.. the better i understand, the more i know nothing.. lost when the profoundness of innocence found me.. 

no, no explanations please.. the tragedy in being scientific.. when it’s so beautiful just letting it be.. no reasons, excuses, and assumptions.. bathe in the creativity.. letting the soul sing and heart flourish.. i can see the ending to this defensive mechanism.. jump off the cliff of limited boundaries.. be marvelous, for we are- infinite..


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