i cant seem to find a way
to stir clear from this
attraction towards you
i keep looking for roads
out of this unavoidable call
but i always seem to get lost
no matter how hard i tried
waking back to the very day
when i wasn’t aware
jeez, there’s no use looking back
i have loved u from the start
i used up all my tricks
there’s no use fighting this
like house of cards i fall
knees weak and in shambles
oh darling, you are- inescapable..

oh words

i’m lost in existence
a single moment, continuing recurrence
of you, hundred sketches
in my mind i drew
u know i never painted

your eyes and observant movements
i lay still, dormant, non appearing
verbally inarticulate
oh words, meaningless expressions
speechless in this empty cup of espresso

stunned, stuck on my seat
appearing calm in this
riddling thousand heartbeat
oh words, completely hidden
quiet and unspoken..