Pablo and the cockroach

On a lazy Sunday afternoon
Pablo was pondering
Mesmerizing about
The existence of bees,
Butterflies and birds
“They’re so tiny
Wonderful and marvelous!”

He came across
This little cockroach
He pointed to the bug
Questioned its life
“Why are you here?
You bring nothing but
Sickness and diseases
With all these studies
Surely, they found
Something in you
That’s worthy
Oh, but still!”

Pablo’s puppy
Excitedly barked and
Popped out of the corner
He smiled, joyfully
Picked it up
Gave it a hug
No questions asked

Alas, Pablo reconsidered
“Who am I to dispute
A matter of life
Only ‘coz it made me
Feel uncomfortable
Never understood its worth
What if?
I was that cockroach
And I hold to key
On how we survived
Meteors and dinosaurs.”

June 24, 2014


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