How, why, and wouldn’t it be?

Why does good always vanish?
Upon the eyes of the many
We’re all able to distinguish
Quicker to understand
What is it that went wrong
The bad things often
Complicate our minds
Yet, for us, those thoughts
Are easier to entertain
How did we become
So greedy
Money, natural energy
Oil, rocks, crystal
Artificial high we can’t
Get enough
I’m guilty, I am one
Alcohol, wine
Whatever it is
To sublime dignity and honor
Horror is what our world
Should be called
When we see someone
We hit that hammer
Several times
Look at us
What have we become
Exploiting nature
Exploiting mankind
Was it evolution
That made us so cruel
Please don’t blame
Eve and that precious apple
There is a simple question
That doesn’t seek an answer
Yet needs to be raised
Why is it easier
To accept our neighbors
As horrendous
That the person next to you
Is society’s poison
That our fellowman
Is a two faced liar
But, it’s so damn hard
To decipher the
Simple “do gooders”
In this world
Where people are
So articulate and wise
How can we be so stupid?
Again, my friend
The question doesn’t need
Your brilliant answer
Of how you have come up
To such astonishing
Breakdown of variables
We’re always
In denial of the good
That Kubler Ross design
Should be used
To grieve our bitter side
Not use it as armor
There is good in
Each and one of us
Stop looking at my mistakes
For god’s sake!
Stop looking down at your feet
Pay attention
How could you show empathy?
If you keep on looking
At your own reflection
We are each other’s hope
Please, let us not fail
‘Coz if we do,
What would our neighbors say?
The person next to you
Can’t you hear them?
Though in silence they’re
Screaming out for help
Trying desperately
To grab hold of
Someone’s hand
‘Coz they’re sinking
Sinking to the abyss
Like each and one of us is
Honestly, it had been
We all need
Some sort of retreat
Can you be mine?
Just for tonight
What do you say?
We’re all in this
Masquerade, a play
Why not, wake up
That sleeping light
Yes, pass it on
Let it illuminate
Can you imagine?
What this place would be
At such distance
In this vast darkness
And insignificance
Our world
Appears a little brighter
At least,
Everyone can breathe
A little better
Wouldn’t it be?
Worth it

June 17, 2014

For a little while

I never thought that at the peak
Peace is a plateau of greens
Serenity is an overwhelming wave
Giving soul to an arising analysis
I run with the wind
On this field of impeccable dreams
I can almost cry
Having experienced this
Profound joy
Connection that is so fluid
She stole the yellow morning rays
Perforated my world with light
If that isn’t enough
She befriended
The flowers that took the sun
Balance, is what
She brought into my life
I don’t know how
But, she did it
Her influence
Is something more
Something else, somehow
In return,
I’m passing on compassion
Kindness she showed me
Needs to be shared
The world needs more of her
I’m her catalyst
She’s my balance
She made me realize
We’re all here
To reach out
Forget about ourselves
There’s a wonderful connection
Waiting at the end
The fruits it will bear
Pass it on
Until, we’re all infected
Our world can never be perfect
At least we tried
In time, we will all realize
That compassion is more important
Than our premiered self acceptance
Once you do,
Trust me,
For a little while
You feel free.

June 6, 2014

Into your liking 2

(the other half in the relationship)

Drowning from thoughts
Voices in my head
Each wanting me to follow them
Then I look at you
The unspoken turmoil
Is gone in instant
Silence is what you give me
A temporary stillness
In a bond of affliction
An addiction arises
A quiet obsession to suppress
Repressed, I keep holding back
Coz I’m afraid
That once I let go
You’ll see
Jagged pieces of me
The variations of myself
Deposited through
Unconquered difficulties
I was never whole
I have been walking
With a protective coat
So no one would see
Scars and bruises
That painted my body
Then you appear at my horizon
Parts of me light up
Parts of me are still in the dark
Understand, I am calm
But nowhere near benevolent
Coz in my head
Honey, in my head
Demons became my master
You’re the only one who
Mutilated their tongues
Seized them from talking
But, they live in me
Ruled my being
It’s their language
That I will always speak
I like the torture they bring
I let them
There’s meaning in this suffering
I’m sorry for making you
The recipient of my inconsistencies
And, I’d never know how in your eyes
I appear at a pedestal
When clearly, I am, not one
But many fears
Acceptance and approval
You have afforded me
Don’t leave
Or they’ll start to speak
I can’t breathe
My own world is choking me
I can’t clean up my own mess
You don’t have to remind me
You shouldn’t be one of them
Stop telling me what to do
Instead, tell me I did well
So my weariness won’t be
Our burden
I’m tired
I can’t deal with everyone
I’ve been carrying
Loads on my shoulders
You don’t have to
Be a part of them
Don’t go
Give me back my clarity
Silence the demons in my head
Simply ‘coz I can’t.