Innocent fun

The curtains were draped
The sheets were hanged
Thank God, I’m done
With chores and laundry
So, here in the park I sat

On a bench, by the river bend
I met this guy
He sat next to me, back inclined
Deftly put his arms around
Told him, “Nu-uh, we’re on the same ground.”

He looked at me for a Lil’ while
Paused, “Well, ok fine,
Wanna hear a story instead?”
To which, I replied,
“Sure, but don’t waste my time”

Then he started with his lines
He said:

I passed by the church
Missed the mass again
Like a secret love affair
I keep forgetting to tell
The priest about my sins

“Go on.” I nodded at him.

They said I’m attentive
But to her advances
I swear I was numb
She took a shovel in hand
Gladly cracked my skull

“Where is this going?”

Like a bee in circles
Colony she couldn’t find
Kept guessing and guessing
Of course she didn’t know
I have honey for everyone

“Oh, typical!”

Chained on a wooden stool
Under a yellow light bulb
Three, no, five women stared at me
Veins popping their foreheads
No, too late to play dead

I was about to make
Yet another remark
When he proudly claimed
“Hell yeah, I impregnated them!”
His grin was astounding

“Stop!”, I yelled
But he continued with his offense
His grip tightened on my arm
He told me,
“Shush, listen.”

They opened up my chest
To know where my heart is
Jeez, it isn’t there
It was somewhere else
So, they took the gun

“Oh no, they didn’t”, I interjected
His smile remained unfazed
Up the skies, he gazed

They pointed, gun in my face
I shouted, pleaded
Guilty of innocent fun
Needless to say,
They pulled the trigger

I looked at him
He looked at me
He was in a different attire
Blood dripped his chin
but fault, I couldn’t find

He gave me a quick hug
Kissed my forehead
Eyes beamed as he mumbled
“I’m never good with goodbyes”
He stood and walked away

So, I thought, this guy
Actually, he could’ve been
My father
A brother
Or a mere stranger

My heart skipped a beat
For I know he is
My angel
in disguise? I don’t care
forgot to thank him

He was already gone.


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