One glance

It took one
One glance at your image
A second to reopen the gates
A breath that took me
Back to the ruins
Of our preserved happy days in jars 

Walls I’ve built for months
Crumbled ‘coz of one
One mistake I resisted
Being undone
One lapse in judgment, foolish attempt
Retracing surrender 

An eternity to recall
The beavers that built my wall
All because of one
It wasn’t even a minute
But, one unguarded second
That created- 

An unintended time machine
Yes, it only took
One glance
Is that even plausible?
For an overdue love
Oh god, I blame 

Shakespeare and his cheesy lines
Romeo and Juliet
I ask, love, what have you done?

 May 08, 2014 


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