dancing ballerina

Dancing ballerina, skinny and petite
Eyes drooling to a lasting physique
Twist and twirl like a sundae swirl
Lovely, pleasant, graciously incessant

She captivated the audience
Turning each one to her slave
Is this, a onetime ticket trade?
Will you dare to be unafraid?

Oh, how she flips her hair
Leaving madness in their stare
They say hips don’t lie
A soil so fertile, she can’t deny

Burn- fire glazed fingertips
Arrested goals upon their seats
Tempting, very, another Aphrodite
In this coliseum of obvious implicit

Thumbelina held weakness in guise
Unapologetically held everyone sired
Honed the ballad of our lives
Suddenly handed penance for our sinful cries

Dancing ballerina, on stage- hmm
On stage, she died…


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